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Update date:  12 May 2021, 10:50

Leasing services

JSCB Turonbank provides leasing services in accordance with the current credit policy and leasing legislation of the bank. According to it:

Leasing (Financial Lease) is a separate type of rental relationship, which implies the acquisition by one party (lessor) of the property (object of leasing) stipulated in the leasing agreement from the third party (seller) on the instruction of the second party (lessee) and the transfer to the lessee for a period of more than twelve months for the possession and use of the right;

Micro-leasing is a leasing service, which is provided for carrying out entrepreneurial activity in the amount not exceeding 600 million UZS in accordance with the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On microfinance".

JSCB "Turonbank" provides lessee any non-consumable appliances used for business activities, including enterprises, property, buildings, structures, equipment, vehicles and other movable and immovable property (land plots and other natural objects, also, the lessee is granted a lease for a period of more than twelve months (but not more than 80 percent of the period of wear and tear specified in the legislation) with the condition of paying an annual allowance of 20 percent for the ownership and use of the leased property by the acquisition of the leased property on the terms of leasing.

JSCB Turonbank provides leasing services only after the expiration of the lease agreement, which provides for the transfer of the leasing object to the property of the lessee.

In order for JSCB Turonbank to issue a leasing object to the lessee, the lessee must pay at least 25 percent in advance.

In order to use the leasing service, the lessee submits the following documents to the bank:

  • application form (the application must be approved by the signature of the head of the application and the seal of the organization, indicating the data on the object of the lease requested to be brought to the lease, the amount of the initial payment, the amount of the lease, and the duration of the lease);

  • business plan with the indication of the forecast of cash receipts (cash flows) to the bank account of the lessee during the lease term of the lease object;

  • accounting balance sheet (Form 1), report on financial results (Form 2), comparative acts on debts for a period of more than 90 days submitted by the lessee to the relevant state tax administration body, with the exception of newly established legal entities;

  • collateral documents (appraisal report of an independent appraisal organization if collateral is provided as collateral, positive audit report on the financial condition of the guarantor organization for the last reporting year, if a guarantee of a third (legal) person is provided);

  • if the lessee has secondary accounts in other banks, then information on the money turnover carried out in these banks;

  • if the lessee is a limited liability or an additional liability company, or a Joint Stock Company, the consent of the authorized body to receive the lease, based on the powers granted under the Charter of the company.

  • information about the leasing object (technical), purchased on the leasing terms, the draft contract.

  • certificate of state registration of the lessee, the charter and the Constituent Agreement and copies of the changes made to them (if previously submitted to the bank, they will be taken from the legal file of the client by the bank employee);

  • a copy of the orders for the appointment of the managers (director and Chief Accountant) of the lessee (if previously submitted to the bank, is obtained from the legal file of the client by the bank employee).

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