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Credit types

Update date:  12 May 2021, 10:30


The Bank issues loans in the following directions:

  • On Investment credits (leases), which are allocated for the production of industrial products and the formation of basic funds for the cultivation, storage, processing of agricultural products, the organization of livestock, poultry and horticulture, the provision of services, commercial catering, the construction of communication services facilities and the implementation of reconstruction work, as well as for long-term loans allocated for the construction of multi-storey houses:
  • the annual interest rate when the borrower makes a payment of 30 percent or more of the value of the goods (works and services) purchased from his/her own funds - in the amount of 21%;
  • the annual interest rate when the borrower makes a payment of 15 percent and up to 30 percent of the value of the goods (works and services) purchased on the credit account from his/her own funds - in the amount of 23%;
  • when buying light-weight vehicles from a credit account, the annual percentage rate is at least – 25%;
  • Loans in national currency for increasing the working capital of legal entities and business entities with the status of a legal entity at an annual interest rate of 24%.

Terms of allocated loans:

The terms of the loan allocation depend on the terms of the coverage of the event being credited, including:

  • Formation of working capital for the borrower to start his activity and development of feasibility study of the investment project - up to 12 months;
  • To private entrepreneurs, peasant farms and other subjects of small business, microcredits for the formation of fixed assets are issued for a period of up to 36 months, without the right to extend the term of the loan;
  • The loan period in financing investment projects is up to 60 months tking into account the project's self-repayment period.

Documents to be submitted for the consideration of the loan application:

  • Application signed by the borrower indicating the purpose, duration, interest and the collateral to be provided;
  • Copies of the Constituent documents of the borrower and certificates of state registration, and copies of the document should be obtained from the legal documents of the borrower by the Responsible Credit Officer;
  • Business plan with the indication of the forecast of cash receipts (cash flow) to the bank account of the borrower;
  • If the person is a representative of the debtor, a document confirming the right to sign a loan agreement on behalf of the debtor, and a copy of signatures;
  • Financial statements prepared in accordance with Accepted Accounting Standards and signed by the debtor at the last reporting date, including balance sheet and income and cash flow reports;
  • Documents related to the collateral for requested credit;
  • Contracts for the purchase and sale of goods (works and services);
  • Consent of the founders of a legal entity requesting a loan to obtain a loan or to pledge the property of legal entities that pledge their property;
  • Other documents related to the lending process if necessary.

When a credit application is issued for the purpose of construction, real estate reconstruction or capital repair, the following additional documents must be attached:

  • Allocation of land plot for construction (permission of the authorities to construction);
  • Project-estimate documents;
  • State architecture construction supervision permit;
  • Independent expert commission and conclusions of environmental expertise;
  • Contract on insurance of construction risks;
  • Contract between the general contractor and the customer

If a third-party guarantee is provided as a loan collateral, the following additional documents is provided:

  • guarantor organization's constituent documents, financial statements and copies of the auditor's conclusion confirming the satisfactory Financial Conduct;
  • documents confirming the right of the person to sign the contract (obligation) on behalf of the guarantor (Samples of signatures card, etc.);
  • certificate issued by the bank about the financial status of the guarantor account (availability of funds in the account), debts on the payments and on loans;
  • document on the consent of the founders of the guarantor to give a guarantee.
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