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Salary projects

Update date:  12 May 2021, 11:56
  • Payment system:
  • Card type: Депозитная карта
  • Currency: Узбекский сум
  • Payment system:
  • Card type: Депозитная карта
  • Currency: Узбекский сум

The Bank offers enterprises and organizations to pay salaries and other income, transfer to accounts plastic cards. As a result of this, it will be possible to significantly reduce the costs associated with the implementation of treasury operations on cash, saving of funds associated with their storage and management, as well as the payment of wages to employees.

Employees of the enterprise, where the salary project is carried out, will also benefit from this: the preservation of confidentiality when the salary is paid and interest is transferred to the card account, implementation of payments through the ATMs of Turonbank for utilities, mobile services, etc.

Turonbank's UZS cards gives you the following advantages:

  • The implementation of calculations and the security of the storage of funds;

  • Additional income from interest transferred to the balance of money in the card account;

  • Guarantee that your cash will not be lost or stolen;

  • Accuracy of calculations.

Using Turonbank's payment card, you can make the following payments and operations:

  • Transfer of your salary and equivalent payments to the card account;
  • Payment for goods purchased and services rendered at trade points established in trade terminals;
  • Obtaining cash funds in the treasuries of banks (only on individual and salary cards);
  • Transfer of funds from the card account to the accounts of legal entities and individuals, for example, for education at the institute or for repayment of debts on credit;
  • Transfer of cash to the card account;

Payment for utility services through payment systems of bank treasuries and bank kiosks:

  • For gas (water, electricity);

  • for mobile communication and Internet services;

  • for stationary phone

Information not available


  • Opening and issuing an account - Commission is not charged
  • Blocking of lost / stolen card "Stop-list" - Commission is not charged
  • From budget organizations - Commission is not charged
  • Cash withdrawal through Turonbank ATMs - 1%
  • Payment for goods and services rendered through the Turonbank POS terminals in the trade points - Commission is not charged

Salary plastic card (individual (individual's) payment card) - is opened by the employees of the organization, on the basis of a contract concluded between the organization and each of its employees. This is the salary from the enterprise in which the owner of the card works and the payments made to him (pension, scholarship, etc.).the G.) can receive, carry out payments for goods and services purchased at the trade points, receive cash from the POS terminals of the bank's Treasuries.

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