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Corporate cards in UZS UZCARD

Update date:  12 May 2021, 11:55
  • Payment system:
  • Card type: Депозитная карта
  • Currency: Узбекский сум
  • Payment system:
  • Card type: Депозитная карта
  • Currency: Узбекский сум

The Bank provides you with the services of cashless payment on Turonbank corporate cards, which are necessary for the functioning of your organization.

Turonbank corporate card is a means of payment, which is issued both to legal entities and to private entrepreneurs who are not legal entities.

Corporate Cards are designed to make the following payments:

  • The cost of business trip (ordering a ticket, payment for a hotel, restaurant and other expenses);
  • Additional costs (expences);
  • Economic costs (goods necessary for general consumption and for the needs of the enterprise);
  • Expenses related to the main activities of the enterprise (purchase of goods, payment for services rendered, calculation with suppliers, etc.);
  • Costs associated with the presentation of the enterprise (gifts, shops, restaurants, etc.). Issuance of corporate plastic cards and service operations on them.
Contract form
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  • Opening an account and issuing a corporate card – UZS 30 000
  • Issue a certificate on the corporate card account number - no commission will be charged
  • When a client is issued a corporate card with a sum, the collateral amount is UZS 30 000
  • Transfer of funds to accounts in other banks when the card account number is closed - no commission is charged

Corporate card is opened for legal entities and private entrepreneurs who are not legal entities, and gives them the opportunity to purchase the goods necessary for the enterprise at the enterprises of trade and service, as well as to increase the cashless payments for the services rendered.

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