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Update date:  18 January 2022, 09:43
  • Payment system:
  • Card type: Deposit card
  • Currency: Uzbekistani soʻm
  • Payment system:
  • Card type: Deposit card
  • Currency: Uzbekistani soʻm

In our daily lives, cash payments for services rendered is being replaced by  the use of non-cash settlements and plastic cards.

Having plastic cards of Turonbank in UZS gives you the following advantages:

The implementation of settlements and the security of the storage of funds;

  • Carry out fast settlements on-line; 
  • Guarantee that your cash will not be lost or stolen;
  • Accuracy of settlements, etc.

Using Turonbank's payment card, you can make the following payments and operations:

  • Transfer of your salary and equivalent payments to the card account;
  • Payment for goods purchased and services rendered at trade points established in trade terminals;
  • Receipt of cash in the bank's Treasuries (only on individual and salary cards);
  • Transfer of funds from the card account to the accounts of legal entities and individuals, for example, for education at the institute or for repayment of debts on credit;
  • Cash transfer to the card account;
  • Payment for utilities, etc.

QR-code is a secure and reliable platform for online payment:

  • QR-code (Quick Response Code) is a code that can be quickly detected, which contains information about the object and creates the opportunity to receive payments without a trading terminal. If you purchase online, your bank card or personal information is not required.

One Touch is innovative service for those who appreciate convenience.

• Connect it and you will not need to carry the Humo terminal with yourself - it will be on your smartphone itself!

• Convenient in cases of premium service mode from Turonbank and Humo payment system:

delivery service;

taxi service;

to entrepreneurs operating in small outlets.

To activate the One Touch service on the phone, contact the bank and sign a contract.

The service is available only for smartphones with Android and NFC system.

Foreign currency in the amount of 50 and 100 US dollars can be purchased not only in cash, but also through Humo cards.

  •  You can use this service only through the automated service points of the bank operating in 24/7 mode;
Payment for utilities, etc.

Contract form
Information not available
opening card-30 000 sum
Salary plastic card (individual (individual's) payment card) - is opened by the employees of the organization, on the basis of a contract concluded between the organization and each of its employees. This is the salary from the enterprise in which the owner of the card works and the payments made to him (pension, scholarship, etc.).the G.) can receive, carry out payments for goods and services purchased at the trade points, receive cash from the POS terminals of the bank's Treasuries.

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