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2023 - A year of care for people and quality education

Date of registration: 28 february 2023 y.
Number: PD-27
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2022 - Year of Human Dignity and Active Mahalla

Date of registration: 26 april 2022 y.
Number: PD-2067
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2020 - Year of Development of Science, Education and Digital Economy

Date of registration: 02 march 2020 y.
Number: PD-5953
Comments: 0

2019 - Year of active investment and social development

Date of registration: 17 january 2019 y.
Number: PD-5635
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2018 is the Year of Support for Active Entrepreneurship, Innovative Ideas and Technologies

Date of registration: 22 january 2018 y.
Number: PD-5308
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2017 - "The Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests"

Date of registration: 17 december 2016 y.
Number: PD-4760
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