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Beneficial deposits are a guarantee
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Deposits in national currency – up to 22%
Deposits in foreign currency – up to 5,7%

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Currency exchange rates from 02.02.2023 09:00
  • Currency
  • buy
  • sell
  • CBU
11270 11000 12800 60 110
11340 12900 14800 120 168
11282.98 12279.27 13897.25 86.87 160.92
Rate of CBU - data from 02.02.2023
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I have to receive
Payment for more than 200 services in 1 minute, without leaving home.

On-line transfer between all bank cards

Holders of plastic cards of Turonbank in national currency have the opportunity to convert their funds into foreign cards online through the bank's website.
Leasing under favorable conditions

Purpose of leasing: is provided for property complexes, buildings, structures, production equipment, vehicles and agricultural machinery.

  • Lease term: from 3 to 7 years depending on the leased object.
  • Lease term: By agreement of the parties

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