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Update date:  14 July 2021, 17:02
  • Necessary amount:
  • Loan term:
  • Interest rate (%):
  • Insurance costs:
The calculation is preliminary. You will be provided with exact loan terms and conditions in one of the branches of the bank.
Monthly payment: ... sum

Micro-loan is the amount of money that is given to the borrowers who are individuals in the amount of 50 million on the terms of repayment, solvency, security and timeliness, arising from the average monthly salary (income).

Micro-loan is allocated to individuals either by transfer to a bank card in non - cash form, or in the form of cash in the national currency - "UZS".

Annual percentage rate of vicro-loan:

For 24 months - 26% (up to 100 times of BCA) when providing third party guarantee or insurance policy)

To 36 months when the goods are provided for collateral - 26%

The client's loan payments should be in an amount not exceeding 50 percent of his average monthly income. 

Online micro-loan is allocated for a period of up to 3 (three) months in the national currency - UZS through the application “MyTuron” - by transferring to a bank card in non-cash form. (Temporarily suspended)

Online micro-loan is allocated based on the scoring analysis, in the amount of average of 50 percent of the monthly salary that is credited to the bank plastic card of the borrower, but not more than 10 times the amount of BCA.

Annual interest rate of online micro-loan: 23%

Offer agreement for allocation of ”Online" micro-loan
Sample of a micro-loan agreement

It is allocated through cash and transfers to individuals who have a permanent income.

In order to ensure the return of the microarchitecture by the borrower, one of the following types of collateral is provided: 

  • real estate pledge (except for residential housing) along with the right to use the land;

  • guarantee of vehicles that meet the requirements of the current credit policy of the bank (with insurance against all fraud);

  • а pledge of gold or securities (the written consent of the borrower's spouse to put on a mortgage must be obtained);

  • guarantee of legal entities and individuals;

  • Polis on the risk of loan non-return insurance.

  • a pledge of money in the deposit (the consent of the spouse to put the pledge must be formalized).

  • pledge of other liquid properties.

List of documents to be submitted for obtaining micro-loan:

a) the application form (last name, first name, patronymic of the borrower, passport (or passport replacement document) series and number as well as place of residence, micro-loan period, interest rate);

b) a copy of the document (passport or military certificate for servicemen) confirming the identity of the micro-loan recipient (the original is shown);

c) A certificate confirming the last 12 months ' income of the borrower. The reference book should contain the organization's TIN number, the borrower's TIN number and the borrower's personal pension savings book number or provide separate reference books.

d) ) documents on collateral when it is provided by the client

Collateral for micro-loan

  • The micro-loan can be disbursed with collateral provided by the client or insured against non-repayment of the loan by the bank (provided that the insurance costs are not collected from the client).
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