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In foreign currency

Update date:  12 May 2021, 11:19
The calculation is preliminary. The exact conditions for the deposit will be provided to you at the bank subdivision.
Income on deposit: ... сум
Interest rate ... %

As a way of managing temporarily free standing funds, Turonbank recommends legal entities to place them in the bank on the condition that the enterprise receives a cash benefit (interest), which makes it possible to use the funds as efficiently as possible.

For individual entrepreneurs and legal entities who have learned to plan their own funds and incomes, the bank has developed a number of special conditions, deadlines and various benefits (interest) that can be obtained. We guarantee that your funds deposited in the bank will be retained and will generate income. Profits are directly related to the amount of funds invested and the deadlines.

Deposit funds transfer is carried out without cash, only by transferring money from the account of a legal entity. The Bank accepts funds in national and foreign currency for the purpose of deposit. After the expiry of the term of the deposit, the amount and accumulated profits (interests) are transferred to the requisites of the Depositor specified in the bank deposit contract.

Advantages of putting money in deposit:

  • putting money into the bank deposit is a convenient way to save and collect money, it has the guarantee that it will be returned and paid back to the owner on time;
  • the temporary idle money of your enterprise can be useful and bring you a stable income;
  • provides the possibility of placing funds both for a short period of time and for a long period of time;
  • the term of the loan and the benefits (interest) from it are recorded in the contract and can not be changed unilaterally;
  • the contract can also be concluded on specific terms;
  • deposit is guaranteed to be returned.

Type of operation


(annual, on account of 365 days)


Term of deposit

Attraction of term deposit in foreign currency from legal entities

Up to 4 percent

According to the contract with the client

Up to 1 year

Up to 5 percent

For a period of more than 1 year

Attraction of savings deposits in foreign currency from legal entities

Up to 2 percent

According to the contract with the client

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