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Any items used for entrepreneurial activity, including enterprises, property complexes, buildings, structures, equipment, vehicles and real estate, are provided to the lessee for purchase, possession and use for a fee under certain conditions.

Interest rate
up to 84 months
Loan term
According to the agreement
Loan amount

Conditions Leasing What is leasing?
1 Types of leasing
  • Leasing
  • Microleasing
Leasing is a separate type of lease relationship, which provides that one party (the lessor), at the direction of the second party (the lessee), acquires from a third party (the seller) the property (the leasing object) stipulated in the lease agreement as property and transfers it to the lessee for possession and use for a period of more than twelve months on the terms stipulated in the contract.
2 Interest rate 24% per annum (5% is covered by the State Fund for Entrepreneurship Support)
3 Loan term from 36 to 84 months
4 Amount
  • Leasing – Depending on the project
  • Microleasing – up to UZS 600 million
5 Frequency of payments Monthly
6 Method of calculating interest Differential
7 Security Leasing object
8 Other conditions The loan is allocated to business entities whose main account is in the branches of JSCB "Turonbank", whose main account is serviced in the branches of JSCB "Turonbank" for at least the last 6 months
Contract form
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Format: doc
1 Application
2 A copy of the founding documents
3 Business plan
4 Financial statements
5 Contracts for the purchase of goods/equipment
6 Security documents
7 Other documents are requested depending on the project
For small business
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For individual entrepreneurs
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