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"One Touch" program

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One Touch is a service for accepting payments without a terminal

“One Touch” system is one of the first innovative services launched by Turonbank in Uzbekistan, designed for quick and easy receipt of payments. At the same time, payments are accepted by attaching the card to the cell phone. That is, instead of HUMO terminals, entrepreneurs use smartphones with the “One Touch” software system installed. 

Whom is our Premium Offer intended for?

  • Convenient for delivery services;
  • Taxi services;
  • Bakeries;
  • Entrepreneurs operating in small retail outlets.

What needs to be done to start the “One Touch” service?

It doesn't take much time or effort to launch the “One Touch” service. After contacting the bank, you sign a contract for connection of the service you like on your smartphone.

“One Touch” service is available only for smartphones with Android and NFC system.

Detailed guide on how to use the “One Touch” service

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