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Type of banking services for financing business entities. In accordance with it, the bank accepts the rights of business entities to collect payments for goods, works and services accepted by payers, without the right of Regression.

10% from the amount of the contract
up to 90 days
Loan term
According to the agreement
Loan amount

Conditions Factoring
1 Purpose It is used for the acquisition of accounts receivable
2 Term up to 90 days
3 Commission (discount) from the amount of the contract 10%
4 Amount Based on the existing accounts receivable and the requirements of the borrower
5 Other conditions The loan is allocated to business entities whose main account is in the branches of JSCB "Turonbank", whose main account has been serviced in the branches of JSCB "Turonbank" for at least the last 6 months
1 Application
2 Financial statements – for the last reporting period, which the bank receives from the information base of the STC (can be obtained from the client when it is not possible to obtain it in the STC database)
3 Internal documents of the borrower for obtaining a loan (order, protocol/decision of the founders on obtaining a loan and providing property as collateral)
For small business
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For individual entrepreneurs
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