Environmental and social issues are on the agenda of the Turonbank project committee.

On October 20, 2023, under the leadership of the Deputy Chairman of the Board, a regular meeting of the Turonbank project committee was held, at which the work done in the field of introducing an environmental and social risk management system into the lending process, as well as planned work for the future, was discussed. At the committee meeting, it was decided to open an environmental and social risks department as part of the risk department, consisting of 2 specialists. A decision was made to begin work on automating the process of assessing and managing environmental and social risks and to approve the Regulations on the environmental and social risk management system and to conduct a training seminar for employees of bank branches in the field of environmental and social risk management. In the future, such project committee meetings will be held on an ongoing basis, with ESG and ESMS issues included on the agenda.