The QR-Online system provided by Turonbank JSCB is an innovative system in the financial market of the Republic of Uzbekistan and is distinguished by its ease of use and multifunctional performance.

A QR-Online system’s advantage is that it can be freely used by small and medium-sized businesses, retail entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. This means that payments can be accepted without extra devices for 7 days within 24 hours without interruption. Connection to the Turonbank’s QR-Online system and receiving QR-code stickers is absolutely free.

Those connected to the QR-Online system by means of such stickers may accept payments with a QR code using a mobile application of any bank or payment organization.

With a QR code, it is possible to accept payments from Uzcard and HUMO plastic cards.

The QR-Online system is different from other traditional terminals by payments received by entrepreneurs going to their main account in an instant.

It is also possible to make payments in the QR-ONLINE system and using the Turonbank’s "MY TURON" mobile application.

Visit Turonbank and connect to the QR-ONLINE system for free!