On the New Year's Eve Open Joint-Stock Commercial Turon Bank held the second rewarding ceremony of the winners of “Catch the Luck” promotion. The winners were rewarded with 35-inch LCD TVs.

- I have been TuronBank’s customer for 4 years, and I am very happy with the efficiency of services and the attitude of the Bank’s staff. Moreover, now i have got a TV, and this is a delightful New Year's Eve! - told us one of the winners Malohat Abdullayeva.

Under the terms of the contest any current or potential customer of the Bank, who has sent or received money through money transfer system of Turonank was able to participate in the Promo. Customer’s contact details, amount and other data were recorded in the bank's database, based on this information the best were selected.

The Promo is not over yet - its participants still have the opportunity to win the super prize - trip for two. This will be the final part of the event.

According to organizers, thanks to such events, this year was a successful year for TuronBank, in particular, the number of customers and frequency of use of services increased.