Open Joint Stock Commercial Turon Bank has launched a new Turon-Mobile service of management of bank accounts via mobile phone.

This system allow regardless of location and at any time to get information about account balance, and to make necessary banking operations.

Подключение к данной системе позволяет клиентам банка:

Connecting to the system allows bank customers to:
monitor accounts balance, loans and deposits ;
with no charge, make payments for various service, including utitlities, mobile operators and land line, Internet service, cable and digital TV, etc.;
purchases in online stores directly from bank account;
transfer funds between accounts;
repay on loans, deposit funds;
get statements of operations;

Legal entities can also:
enter and send to bank payment documents that are immediately available for further processing;
generate statements on personal accounts, balance-turnover statements;
view payment documents archive, sorting documents .

Only registered users can use the mobile banking. To connect to the system, one should visit a TuronBank branch and open a Turon-Mobile account.

Turon-Mobile can also be downloaded in AppStore and PlayMarket.